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Dr. Zafer Ceylan
Dr. Zafer Ceylan
Assistant Professor , Seafood Processing Technology
Van Yuzuncu Yil University

Dr. Ceylan is an Assistant Professor of Seafood Processing Technology Department at Yuzuncu Yil University. He has experience in optimization, production, and application of nanofibers, nanoparticle on food nanotechnology. Dear Dr. developed a nano-scale material in Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), worked for Istanbul University and also Do Minho University for a while. He received his Master and PhD from Istanbul University. Dr. Ceylan has publications related to food nanotechnology, coating of fish fillets with nanofibers, characterization of nano-scale materials and seafood quality. He has provided much speech and presentation in International Scientific Congress. He has made a lot of voluntary reviewers for distinguished scientific peer-reviewed journals related to nanotechnology applications on food quality.

Research Interest

Nanotechnology applications on food quality, coating of fish fillets with nanofibers, use of nanoparticle on seafood, fabrication, optimization and characterization of nano-scale materials for seafood preservation.

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