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Dr. Katrina Campbell
Dr. Katrina Campbell
Lecturer, Molecular Bio sciences
Queen's University Belfast
United Kingdom

Dr Campbell is a Lecturer in Bioanalytical Systems and heads the Biosensors Strand within the Centre for ASsured, SafE and Traceable food (ASSET). Katrina is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Institute of Biology, Irish Toxicology Society and International Society for the study of harmful algae. Katrina obtained a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry in 1995 and a MMedSc in Ultrastructural Anatomy and Pathology in 1996 from Queen's University Belfast. After a year employed at Randox Laboratories in the development of clinical diagnostic test kits she returned to Queen's University where she completed her Galen sponsored PhD in Pharmacy focusing on novel systems for transdermal drug delivery. From 2000 to 2012 she was employed as a post-doctoral research fellow for Queen's University during which time she was actively involved in all island initiatives sponsored by Safe food and collaborations of multi-centre EU research projects such as Bio Cop, Confidence aimed at developing innovative screening methods for the detection of chemical contaminants and toxins in food, animal feeds and the environment. She has extensive experience in bio-analytical method development, validation and evaluation with state of the art technologies, end product formation as kits and technology transfer workshops and events for dissemination.

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